Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ah, The Webisode

Storyforming, Storydwelling, and 'engines of engagement' are all of the words that stuck with me after this reading. I think that it is good to analyze the arena that webisodes are entering and asses what they are trying to accomplish. As I understand what Banister is saying, is that producers are using the storydwelling aspect of online communities to engage with the storyforming aspect of the the storytelling medium that producers are using webisodes for. As I mentioned before, in past blogs, I liked the the way that the producers used the webisodes as a way to branch off of the linear narrative that the television show was using.
Recently there was an article on addressing the profitability of websites that feature webisodes and different forms of scripted works. As Banister mentions, "traditional media and advertising continues to perpetuate the “content” models of the past on web and wireless". Websites such as (FOD) are looking to make profit and have been through traditional modes of advertising. However, it will be successful eventually because as Banister says, it is search engines that engage users that have been the key to lasting forms. As FOD is a storydwelling and storytelling opportunity it will need to add the component of user generated material to truly engage the user as a participant and contributor to the storydwelling network that is provided.

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